Protecting Your Rights

White Collar Crime

If you or your loved one has been accused of a white collar crime, just by seeking a lawyer you are already ahead of the curve. A good lawyer makes all the difference in a white collar criminal case. Contact the law offices of the Denver criminal lawyer to begin your case.

White collar crime is the term used for financial crimes committed by government and business officials. These crimes include embezzlement (employee theft), ponzi schemes, banking fraud, credit card fraud, identity theft, money laundering, bribery, piracy, and much more.

Our Denver Criminal Attorney Handles Complex Cases

The defense of a white collar crime tends to be on the more complex side. In the age of technology and computers, it is easier to track corporate and government officials red-handed. The biggest mistake any client suspected of a white collar crime can make is to try to handle the situation on their own. In most white collar crimes, investigations have been ongoing for quite some time. Trying to deal with your employer and investigators alone or attempting to cover up your tracks without the help of an attorney is the quickest way to land yourself in jail. Certain white collar crimes will be charged as felonies and will result in state prison time.

In some cases, an employee may find that they are the “fall guy” for a crime they didn’t really commit. As stated earlier, do not try to deal with your employer yourself. Instead, contact the law office of the Denver criminal attorney immediately. We can help you not just with your criminal case, but repairing your personal and professional life.