Protecting Your Rights

Denver Embezzlement Lawyer

Embezzlement is the unlawful taking of official business or employer money/property for personal use. In other words, embezzlement is employee fraud. It is a theft crime, and theft crimes are taken very seriously in the state of Colorado.

If you charge your morning coffee to an employee credit card and falsify the report of doing so…you can be charged with embezzlement. It may sound silly, but you can be charged with embezzlement for any sum of money. The state of Colorado takes embezzlement cases very seriously. If you are facing such a charge in the Denver area, contact the Denver criminal lawyer today.

The most common types of embezzlement are employee credit card account fraud, slowly stealing small sums of money over time, stealing one large sum of money over time, and falsifying financial records to cover up any of the aforementioned deeds.

Our Denver Criminal Lawyer Can Help You Avoid Serious Consequences

Many clients are dismayed by the consequences of an embezzlement charge. Just by having an official charge against you your employer can withhold your wages until your case concludes. An official financial audit is legally permissible as well.

As a theft crime, embezzlement is punishable depending on the value of that which was stolen as well as an offender’s criminal history.

Embezzlement convictions lead to even more damage beyond the court-mandated consequences. Who wants to hire someone convicted of employee theft? The Denver criminal lawyer can help you contain the damages to your personal and professional life. Contact our firm today for an immediate consultation.