Denver Parole Violations Attorney

If you or someone you know has been arrested for violating their parole, contact the law offices of the Denver criminal lawyer as soon as possible.

A violation of Colorado parole terms could be:

The state of Colorado has a fairly high rate of parole revocation…this means that if you violate your parole, there’s a good chance you’re going to land yourself back in prison. The reason for this is because unlike other states, Colorado parolees remain in the custody of the state after they are released from prison. Technically you are still serving time in prison, but on the outside under official surveillance. So when a parolee violates the terms of their parole, they are typically yanked off of the streets to go back to prison.

The evidence presented in a parole hearing is more circumstantial than concrete. If your parole officer says that you violated your parole, then the board is going to believe them.

Although the maximum time a parolee can spend in prison is 12 months, this is a long time for a client with a family and responsibilities. The Denver criminal attorney will work aggressively to minimize the amount of prison time a client will be sentenced to, and if possible, negotiate for no prison time at all.

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