Denver Violent Crime Lawyer

If you or your loved one has been accused of a violent crime in the Denver area, the truth is that you are facing a complex and difficult battle. Don’t get caught in a trial with an inexperienced lawyer. Contact the law office of the Denver criminal lawyer immediately to begin building the defense for your case.

A violent crime could be:

The laws regarding the punishments for violent crimes can be complicated and confusing for any offender to understand on their own. Our criminal defense team believes in not only client advocacy but client compassion—we will help you understand every step of your case at every juncture in the journey.

Clients oftentimes want to know how they will possibly be sentenced for a specific crime. The truth is that it depends on the type of violence that occurred and the details of the crime. Violent crimes are almost always charged as felonies; they are eligible for time in state prison. The use or presence of a weapon will increase a sentence. Reported injuries will also be used to add years on to your time in prison.

A client’s criminal history can be what tips the justice scales in their favor. If a client got into a rather violent fight for instance, but has never been in trouble with the law previously, this history could be used to minimize any time spent in jail. And even if a client does have a record, any good behavior and character witness testimony can be used to alter the outcome of a case.

If you have been charged for a violent crime, the Denver criminal attorney can help. Contact our criminal defense firm today for an immediate consultation.