Protecting Your Rights

Denver Traffic Violations Lawyer

Most people that have received a ticket for a traffic violation think they should just pay the fine and move on with their life.  After all, they were caught red-handed right?  You could just pay your fine and go on about your business, but doing so could result in unforeseen consequences.  For this reason, you should contact the law office of the Denver criminal lawyer to hear the steps our legal team takes to minimize or completely eliminate the ramifications of a traffic violation.

A traffic violation could be a number of things such as:

Some of these offenses are criminal, while others are not.  But even the non-criminal traffic offenses can result in big consequences.  If you are cited for reckless driving or speeding at a high mileage, this could give legal cause to the DMV to suspend your driving privileges.  Repeat offenders especially face having their license revoked.  Remember that the DMV is its own official government branch…it can do what it wants without court approval.  These types of infractions will show on your driving record and can result in higher car insurance rates.

The Denver criminal attorney has successfully defended clients in both traffic court and DMV hearings. The latter is especially important in DUI cases to ensure that your license will not be suspended. 

If you are facing a traffic violation case, contact us at the law office of the Denver criminal attorney today to discuss your case.