Denver Weapons Charges Lawyer

If you have been arrested for a weapons charge in the Denver area, contact the Denver criminal lawyer as soon as the police allow you to make a phone call.

The state of Colorado has mandatory minimum laws for weapons charges. If you are convicted on a felony weapons charge, you will go to prison for at least two years. The judge is required to give you whatever the minimum prison sentence is for this type of offense.

Colorado state law also contains enhanceable offense laws. If your illegal weapons charge is paired with another crime such as armed robbery, you will receive prison time for the weapons charge in addition to whatever prison time for the armed robbery. Even if the weapon is not on your person but near you during the crime, you still could be charged for the possession of an illegal weapon.

Other weapons crimes recognized in Colorado are as follows:

Our Denver Criminal Attorey Provides Strong Defense

Sometimes clients are charged with CCW without having intending to conceal the weapon. This doesn’t matter to law enforcement at the time of the arrest, but it is valuable information to a criminal defense. The Denver criminal lawyer will evaluate every detail of your case to craft a strong defense against any concealed weapons charge.

Clients should note that it is illegal to fire off a weapon in certain instances such as in a public area, into the sky, or in any other uncontrolled environment. If you were arrested on a weapons charge for any of the above reasons and more, rest assured that the Denver criminal attorney can help.

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