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Denver Probation Violations Lawyer

Violations of probation occur when a defendant has failed to comply with the terms of their probation under the Colorado penal code. A probation violation is a separate offense from whatever crime the defendant was originally convicted for. If a conviction for a probation violation is reached, they can face additional jail time and other legal consequences.

If you or your loved one has violated their probation or has been accused of doing so, contact the law office of the Denver criminal lawyer today.

There are two forms of probation: formal and informal. Formal probation involves official supervision by a probation officer, while informal probation requires only a summary report. A violation of either form of probation could occur in a number ways, some intentional while others by accident:

After your probation officer notifies the court of your probation violation, you will be most likely arrested and a hearing will be called. This hearing is crucial to your freedom, the opportunity for the Denver criminal lawyer to provide evidence that you do not deserve to go back to jail. The Denver criminal lawyer has successfully kept clients out of jail for many years. Even if a client did intentionally violate their probation, jail alternatives can be negotiated.

If you or your loved has violated their probation, contact the law offices of the Denver criminal lawyer to discuss your case today.