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Denver Juvenile Crimes Lawyer

"Your child has been arrested," are some of the worst words a parent can ever hear. Don’t trust your child’s future to just any lawyer.

At the law offices of the leading Denver criminal attorney, our legal team believes that juvenile offenders deserve more than legal representation, but compassion and encouragement to turn their lives around.

Juveniles commit the same types of crimes that adults do:

Our Denver Criminal Attorney Has Extensive Experience With Juvenile Cases

We can represent your child in any criminal case, helping them be accountable for their actions while advocating for the best sentence possible. If a juvenile has a history of getting into fights, we will negotiate for counseling and anger management courses. If a juvenile is struggling with drug use, we will petition the court to get the help that he or she needs.

First time juvenile offenders convicted of misdemeanors will oftentimes be given probation and a period of community service. It helps them learn that their actions have consequences while still sheltering them from the harsh reality of what it is like to be incarcerated. More serious crimes equate to more serious punishments, but no matter what type of crime a juvenile is facing, the Denver criminal attorney will be right by your side.

hen there are multiple juveniles involved in a crime, convictions can come down to witness testimony. If your juvenile is being accused of a crime or specific damning actions within a crime, we will investigate these allegations. Any false testimony or lies told about a client will be uncovered.

If your juvenile is facing a criminal charge, contact us here at the law office of the Denver criminal lawyer today.