Protecting Your Rights

Denver Criminal Attorney

The choice of a lawyer is the single most important choice a defendant can make following an arrest for a crime. A good lawyer will not only defend a client against their charges, but also ensure that their rights are protected.

Here at the law office of the Denver Criminal Lawyer, our legal team can defend any case of criminal activity from simple drug cases to complicated murder trials.

Colorado’s state laws are specifically designed to protect the citizens of the state—not to coddle criminals. Being charged for a crime in Colorado means that you will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. This could mean time in jail or even time in prison depending on the severity of your crime.

Appoint an Experienced Criminal Defense Lawyer

By appointing an experienced Denver Criminal Lawyer you give yourself a greater chance of decreasing your punishment…if a conviction can even be reached.

Even if you are sitting in a jail cell knowing full well that you are guilty, it is illegal for your rights to be violated before or after a conviction. Our legal team will not just represent your case, but help you understand every single step along the way.

We offer all of this at an affordable cost to you and your family.

Contact the law offices of the Denver Criminal Lawyer today for a consultation about the next steps in your criminal case.